France: 15 million masks to be distributed as 1st French citizen dies from coronavirus

Published on 27 Feb 2020, 9:37
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Olivier Veran, French Minister of Solidarity and Health, announced that 15 millions masks will be distributed to pharmacies all over the country amid the coronavirus outbreak, during a press conference in Paris on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, France reported its first citizen to die from the flu-like virus also known as COVID-19, when the health authorities announced that a 60-year-old French national lost his life in a Paris hospital.

Veran stated during the press conference that "there is no epidemic in France."

"We are always facing isolated cases and patients, that we can explain by a travel or by a contact with a person who was infected."

As for the 15 million masks, they "will be used by health professionals but also for people who are at risk, in so far as there are people who are coming back from the so-called red zones or risk zone, or who were in contact with people who were infected but are not infected themselves," explained Veran.

On February 15, an 80-year-old Chinese tourist hailing from the Hubei province died from the coronavirus in a Paris hospital, making him the first fatality of the flu-like virus in France and outside Asia.

There are currently 18 confirmed cases of coronavirus in France.

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