S. Korea conducts drive-thru coronavirus testing

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Published on 27 Feb 2020, 14:41
차 타고 10분 만에 검사 끝...안심카 선별진료소

There are growing concerns over the possible spread of infection at medical centers.
To reduce such risks, South Korea has created a so-called drive-thru testing facility.
Kim Dami introduces to us this innovative system.
It usually takes almost an hour to get tested for the coronavirus at local medical centers.
On top of the time-consuming process, there are concerns over the spread of the virus among possible patients gathering at the centers.
The so-called drive-thru coronavirus testing facility gives people that peace of mind and much needed efficiency.
Without having to leave their car, people can get their body temperature and respiratory symptoms checked in their seat.
If there are no significant symptoms, they can simply exit the facility.
For people with virus symptoms, it takes less than ten minutes to take a clinical sample.
"I came here after waiting for about an hour at a health center. It's much faster and more convenient."
People should remain in self-quarantine for the two days it takes to get their test results.
Goyang city also offers a facility for people to stay if they request it.
"We can prevent the spread of the virus from patients with possible infections. Plus, this measure is very effective as it protects medical staff."
Currently running the drive-thru service from 10AM to 5PM every day, Goyang city is considering expanding the center's opening times as well as the number of drive-thru testing centers across the city.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.

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