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Published on 30 Mar 2020, 8:41
Fact-checker Full Fact busts coronavirus conspiracy theories. The editor of independent fact-checking charity FullFact Tom Phillips, tackles conspiracy theories surrounding the virus and explains why the myths have arisen.

00:17 - Is there a Covid-19 relief fund? Is the government giving everyone £258? This is a scam text message to get your bank details.
01:20 - Are the army on the streets imposing military lockdown on Clapham Junction? Are the army locking down London? Is martial law about to be imposed?
02:12 - Are the government monitoring my phone to check when I’m going out?
03:03 - Are Xbox and Playstation shutting down their services to stop kids from using them during school hours?

In our previous video with Full Fact you can find the answers to the following questions

00:00 - A patent for coronavirus was applied for in 2015?
00:50 - Did coronavirus come from bats at a Chinese research facility in Wuhan?
01:25 - Is 5G technology responsible for coronavirus?
02:26 - Can you have coronavirus if you have a runny nose?
03:25 - Children can’t get coronavirus?
03:57 - How did Dettol know about coronavirus? It says on their packaging that they can kill coronavirus
04:40 - Does Jacob Rothschild on a patent to coronavirus?
05:05 - Scientists knew about Covid-19 and called it disease x? Is disease X coronavirus?

Watch here: youtube.com/watch?v=EgNAxAzSiZ...

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