Seoul to operate 'walk-thru' COVID-19 test centers for all entrants living in Seoul

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Published on 2 Apr 2020, 13:38
서울시, 코로나19 해외유입 억지 위해 잠실운동장서 워킹스루 진료소 운영

South Korea continues to see further cluster infections as well as cases imported from overseas.
To curb secondary infections, the Seoul metropolitan government plans to run walk-through centers for all entrants living in the capital to be tested on their day of arrival.
Oh Jung-hee has our top story.
Novel coronavirus cases continue to be found among new arrivals coming into the nation.
South Korea's health authorities say... 8-percent of those cases have caused secondary infections,... stressing the need for stricter self-quarantining.
As of Thursday, over 9-thousand-9-hundred people in South Korea have been infected with the virus,... roughly 6-hundred of them being imported cases.
"For the past two weeks, there have been 508 imported cases of COVID-19 and 41 of them have led to secondary infections. That's about 8-percent."
The official added that the virus can spread to another person before AND after the infected experiences symptoms... and therefore, stricter self-quarantine measures are all the more necessary.
To curb secondary infections from imported cases, the capital city of Seoul will be running walk-through coronavirus test centers at Jamsil Sports Complex. Starting Friday, all incoming Seoul residents will be tested on their first day of arrival.
Up to 1-thousand people can be tested per day and shuttle buses from the airport will carry entrants to the test centers.
As concerns linger surrounding the number of daily new infections, many are questioning whether it is right to end the social distancing campaign on April 5th.
"We can't infinitely delay our daily lives and I am aware that people are becoming exhausted. However, the virus is spreading at an unprecedented speed on a global level and we continue to see imported cases and cluster infections. So alleviating social distancing could restart rapid spread of the virus."
The government says it will announce this week whether social distancing will continue on or not.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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