Coronavirus Explained: As UK promised more COVID-19 tests, when will a virus vaccine be ready?

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Published on 2 Apr 2020, 15:30
BORIS Johnson has vowed to fight the coronavirus lockdown with testing for as many people as possible.

The PM told the nation for the first time that the Government's exit strategy did involve a mass roll-out of testing - even though Britain is STILL not doing 10,000 a day.

Currently there is no cure for COVID-19.
Until a vaccine is found to immunise people against coronavirus, its spread must be fought in other ways, like the disruptive and draconian social distancing rules currently in place in the UK.

So will we find a vaccine for COVID-19, and if so, how long will it take?
Dr Hilary Jones is with us today to answer those and the following COVID-19 questions:

- My husband is an undertaker. Is he in a high-risk environment while out collecting the deceased?
- Can COVID-19 be carried by insects such as mosquitoes?
- Can you have coronavirus without a fever, and how can you get tested?
- If you have coronavirus, would steaming help to clear airways and protect your lungs?
- Is it safe to eat fish, vegetables, fruit & salad from other countries?
- I'm suffering from toothache. Can I go to the dentist?
- Some of the symptoms I'm reading about are similar to those I get from fibromyalgia, how can I tell the difference?
- My lodger's disregard for social distancing rules is making me anxious. Am I overreacting?

If you have a question for Dr Hilary post it in the comments below with the hashtag #askdrhilary

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