[Weather] Warm weather forecasted but dry air alerts in place for most regions

Published on 6 Apr 2020, 14:08
다시 포근해지지만 건조특보 확대 강화

Good evening. We can certainly feel that spring is in the air. And while it's going to get warmer tomorrow, we'll be seeing large temperature gaps throughout the week, so please dress accordingly.
Dryness in the air will continue for a while. Dry weather warnings are in place for a sixth consecutive day in Seoul. Aside from some parts of the west coast, dry weather advisories are in effect. Fine dust levels will stay at 'normal' levels nationwide.
Tomorrow, Seoul will begin the day at 6 degrees Celsius, Daejeon 5 and Busan 9.
We're going to have another warm day as the highs climb up to 17 degrees in Seoul, 20 in Daejeon and 18 in Jeju. The weather will continue to be warm for the time being. Although on Thursday, Gangwon-do province will get see some rain.
During the day tomorrow, Tokyo will be sunny at 16 degrees, while Beijing will be cloudy at 19 degrees.
Now I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.

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