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Published on 21 Apr 2020, 11:08
This is Eddie Mair's powerful and eye-opening scrutiny of Alok Sharma's performance in Friday's press conference.

As consumers of media, we are often accustomed to questions being vaguely answered by politicians or avoided altogether, which can make us cross with MPs, said Eddie Mair.

Including himself in the failing, he also acknowledged journalists don't always ask the right questions or do not follow up in a satisfying way.

He reflected in normal times we may "shout at the radio" and then move on - however these are not normal times.

"These nightly Downing Street question and answer sessions are the only guaranteed regular occasion in the whole day when the UK gets to hear what the government is thinking," Eddie said, having talked to listeners who find these conferences "really crucial" while self-isolating.

"When questions are not answered, it's no longer about shouting at the radio, it's much more important. It is about our health, our fears, our anxieties, it's important those are taken seriously by the people who are answering the question.

"Last Friday that did not happen," he said.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma was leading Friday's Number 10 press conference - a performance that Eddie thought, when it came to answering explicit and clearly laid out questions, was extremely lacking.

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