True North Part 2

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'True North' follows TYT host John Iadarola and journalist Chavala Madlena on a journey throughout the Arctic, presenting an unprecedented view of life in a part of the world that few will ever see. From exploring a shattered coal mine to an expedition through the Arctic Ocean, Iadarola and Madlena provide a unique perspective on life in the Arctic and the impact climate change has had on the land and its people. Combining adventure, dynamic human-interest stories and a bit of danger, True North brings viewers to the front lines of our reckoning with global climate change.

Chavala visits with members of the Arctic's Sami indigenous population to learn about their history, way of life as reindeer herders, and the current challenges in reviving and preserving the Sami Culture.

John explores the Polar Permaculture lab in Svalbard where Ben, an entrepreneur and chef, is trying to make local cuisine more sustainable. Next, John and Chavala head to the world’s farthest north five-star restaurant, Huset, where head chef Filip Gemzell turns the areas limited resources like reindeer, seal and whale into epicurean masterpieces.

Wanting to avoid human traffickers, difficult border crossings, and dangerous seas of the southern European migrant route - refugees have been crossing in the thousands through Russia’s Arctic region into Norway. We will look at the Arctic’s history of championing the rights of refugees, speak with Merete and Randi who are refugee resettlement workers in the border town of Kirkenes, and meet Rana and her family from Syria who have made this polar region their home.