Economy in Decline: Beyond Recession, Depression Possible in Coming Months

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Published on 3 May 2020, 22:10
30 million jobless claims have been filed since mid-March and the Fed estimates that the unemployment rate could hit 32 percent. Many economist fear the recession might soon turn into a depression. What do the coming months hold for the US economy and how is it weathering the coronavirus, compared to other economies around the world? To answer these questions, we are joined by ‘Boom Bust’ host Brent Jabbour (21:15). | Just Press Play has the best of in-depth reports, exclusive interviews and controversial issues you may have missed during the week on RT America.

This Episode’s Just Press Play-List:

Segment 1: Dennis Miller Interviews Jack Osbourne (on ‘Dennis Miller + One’)

Segment 2: Larry King Interviews Former US Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist (on ‘PoliticKing’)

Segment 3: Rick Sanchez Interviews Former Astronaut, Leroy Chiao (on ‘The News with Rick Sanchez’)

Segment 4: Chris Hedges Interviews Columbia University Professor, Rashid Khalidi (on ‘On Contact’)

Segment 5: Jesse Ventura Interviews Podcast Host, Jennifer Briney (on ‘The World According to Jesse’)

Segment 6: Brent Jabbour Interviews Economist, Richard Wolff (on ‘Boom Bust’)

Segment 7: Live Interview with ‘Boom Bust’ Host, Brent Jabbour

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