Dashcam Shows Brothers Leading Deputies On Pursuit in Reverse On Mount Hood, Oregon

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Published on 27 May 2020, 15:28
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Clackamas County, Oregon — The Clackamas County Sheriff's Department released dash cam video of a police chase involving two brothers sentenced to prison in connection with multiple crimes that occurred in the Clackamas County area. It started on April 6, 2020, when deputies had a busy morning -- with a wild pursuit and K9 track leading to two arrests in Rhododendron. Around 11 a.m., a 911 caller told dispatch two men were breaking into a cabin. Surveillance cameras had captured the suspects committing the burglary. One of the deputies and an Oregon State Police trooper were nearby. The deputy and OSP trooper were soon joined by additional deputies -- including a K9 team. As authorities drove down Road 35 toward the cabin, they came nose-to-nose with the suspects in a Subaru, leaving the crime scene on the same road -- and heading right toward arriving patrol cars.

As one of the deputies stepped out of a CCSO truck to approach the Subaru, the suspects threw it into reverse and fled. A brief low-speed chase ensued, with the suspects driving in reverse down Road 35. The suspects left the roadway -- possibly in an attempt to turn around -- and were pinned by the deputy's truck. The suspects then bailed out, fleeing across Highway 26 on foot into the forest. Now joined by USFS law enforcement, responding CCSO and OSP personnel continued the pursuit. The K9 Urban tracked down both suspects within an hour. Arrested were Aaron Edward Dean Neace, 29, of Beavercreek, and Clayton James Neace, 27, of Wood Village. Authorities found stolen property from the cabin, meth, and a pellet gun in the suspect vehicle. AMR and Hoodland Fire also assisted at the scene.

These arrests proved to be the tip of an iceberg of local crimes. It would quickly emerge that Aaron Neace was suspected in multiple incidents of theft, burglary, criminal mischief, and meth possession and distribution. Deputies working with local authorities including Molalla PD have recovered vehicles including a stolen John Deere tractor, multiple Subarus, and a moped -- all crimes believed to involve one or more Neace brothers. As these investigations snowballed, guilty pleas for both suspects came quickly. The results:

-On May 8, 2020, the Clackamas County DA reached a global plea agreement with Aaron Neace, with a total sentence of 80 months in state prison. He must also pay restitution to his victims.

-On April 29, 2020, the Clackamas County DA reached a plea agreement with Clayton Neace, with a total sentence of 29 months in state prison. He must also pay restitution to his victims.

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