Violence across America in wake of George Floyd killing (Full show)

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Published on 28 May 2020, 23:00
Mass protests are erupting in cities across the country after the death of George Floyd while in police custody following his violent arrest in Minneapolis. RT America's Michele Greenstein reports on the situation in Minneapolis, which has descended into days of looting, vandalism and clashes with police. RT America's Natasha Sweatte reports on the civil unrest in Los Angeles. Then Ed Martin of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and civil rights attorney Robert Patillo join Rick Sanchez to discuss Floyd's death and its implications. Beijing has officially approved a new national security law to quell renewed anti-government protests in Hong Kong. RT’s Saskia Taylor reports. Then UK MP George Galloway joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights. Plus, investigative journalist and "Boom Bust" co-host Ben Swann reports from the global coronavirus update desk.

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