EP884: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza: The US is Trying to Justify Invading Venezuela!

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Published on 30 May 2020, 9:56
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On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza after a coup attempt by Silvercorp mercenaries, which Venezuela alleges were hired by US President Donald Trump. He discusses Iran’s oil shipment to Venezuela along with assistance to revive Venezuela’s oil industry, US attempts to block the shipment, the uncovered secret Venezuelan Reconstruction Unit within the British Foreign Office which is alleged to be for post-regime change Venezuela, allegations of Venezuela sponsoring terrorism by the United States, the US and EU’s support for Juan Guaido, a deal reached with the UN to allow Venezuela to access its Gold Reserves in the Bank of England which was prohibited by Boris Johnson, Venezuela’s Coronavirus response, the impact of US sanctions on ordinary Venezuelans, Venezuela’s relationship with Russia, China, Cuba and Iran, allegations of narco-trafficking by the United States against President Nicolas Maduro and more!


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Regarding the EIB’s participation in the Conference in solidarity with Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the countries of the region, I would like to clarify that our support is not directly for Venezuela but for countries impacted by the migrant crisis . In order to improve the lives of people and strengthen the resilience of those countries most impacted by the migration exodus from Venezuela, the EIB, the EU bank – with the support of the European Commission - is building an investment pipeline of up to €400 million. What we have pledged in in the form of loans. The value of this is that when MDB’s like the EIB can step in , we can mobilise more investment on top of the financing we provide. These are important projects which will bring huge benefits to migrants and local populations alike : finance for sustainable water and wastewater treatment, clean energy, education and schools for all, healthcare, and the creation of sustainable jobs.
The European Union is the main partner for the development of the Latin America region and its number one investor. The EIB has been operating in Latin America since 1993 and it has provided more than 10.2 billion euros to support investments in 14 countries focused on boosting inclusive and sustainable economic growth.