Finnish Man Utd super-fan assembles private museum in tribute to Red Devils

Published on 30 May 2020, 10:16
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Manchester United fanatic Jere Virtanen hopes to open the doors to his private Red Devils tribute museum in Helsinki, Finland, after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Jere has been collecting the memorabilia for almost 30 years. Between auctions and special collectors events, he has gathered together over 33,000 items in his 210 square metre premises in Helsinki. From shirts, scarfs and autographed footballs, Jere's memorabilia adorns the "Helsinki Red Room" where he has fitted a private bar and projector for matches capable of hosting up to 50 fans.

"I want to maintain the history of United and do my part in saving those stories. But on the other hand, I do everything for the United family. So I'd say the biggest reason nowadays is to be a part of United family and do your own part," explained Jere at the Red Room.

Jere hopes to open to fans the private Manchester United homage later this year, provided the COVID-19 social and travel restrictions ease to allow for visitors.

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