Trump Had Protesters Gassed Before Declaring Martial Law

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Published on 2 Jun 2020, 16:00
Donald Trump's order on Monday sounded an awful lot like martial law. The President declared that he would be sending "thousands of heavily armed" members of the armed forces to cities to stop the riots, but the so-called riots are only a small part of what's actually happening. The real rioting is coming from police officers using their weapons against Americans, which is exactly what happened as Trump was declaring martial law. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Yesterday in the Rose garden, Donald Trump essentially declared martial law here in the United States. When he announced that he would be sending thousands of "heavily armed" members of the United States military to cities across the country to deal with what Donald Trump describes as the looters and the rioters all over the country. Now, for those paying attention, the looters and the rioters, yes, they are out there. And they're a very small part, small percentage of the people that are actually out there. Most of the folks throughout the United States, engaging in these protests, they're not Antifa. They're just average people who are sick and tired of watching black people get murdered by police officers. That's what's happening. Anybody who tries to sell you a different narrative is trying to do so because they're afraid of what's happening. Not because they think they're going to get looted or, you know, attacked, but because they fear change to the power structures as does Donald Trump.

And that is why he decided to go ahead and send the military out there to enact their own brand of justice on United States citizens. Now he said that he was considering using the 1807 insurrection act to do this. Unfortunately, the 1807 insurrection act does not give him the authority to do this. If a state governor were to ask him to send in the military, he would then be able to do it. He does not have the blanket authority to just say, I'm sending in the military. He also in his little speech called on a state governors to enact their national guards. So we can have more military presence in these cities. But while he was saying this, something else was happening right outside the white house, actually. And that was a group of peaceful protesters. There were no looters, no rioters, no, no violence at all.

With these people, uh, instead of being told to relocate by DC police officers, because they were in the way of a photo op Donald Trump was about to do. They were tear gas. It wasn't curfew. They had every right under the constitution of the United States to be peaceably assembled right there where they were, they were not impeding traffic. They were not impeding business. They were not causing a scene. They were not causing a riot. There was no insurrection. There was no violence. As I had said, they were sitting there peaceably and they were teargassed by police to just clear them out. No laws were broken until of course the police officer showed up. That's a violation of the first amendment rights of those people. So that's a law that the police broke and they teargassed them, which according to international law is a war crime. Cause we're not allowed to go overseas in war cry.

Uh, excuse me, tear gas. Um, Al-Qaida cause that would be a war crime, but it's cool to do it to our own people here because we adhere to different standards than what the international community says is torture or chemical warfare, but we're just fine doing it to our own people. Just like we're perfectly fine. Sending members of the military out to cities and States across this country so that they can be the ones to enforce. What, what are they going to be enforcing? What does Trump's order actually do? That's something that unfortunately we're going to have to wait and see how this thing plays out to really find out whatever it is.