1.78 million students in S. Korea resume classes Wednesday after COVID-19 enforced break

Published on 3 Jun 2020, 5:10
초중고 178만명 오늘 3차 등교,... 전국 519개교 등교 중지

A steady return to a new normal?
The third batch of students are heading back to classrooms in South Korea in the coming hours... after months off due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Around one-point-eight million students those in first year of high school, second year of middle school and third to fourth year of elementary school resume classes on Wednesday.
With this, 77 percent of the student population will be back in class.
Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in South Korea,... the education ministry said that as of Wednesday, 519 schools remain shut.
Most are around Coupang's logistic center in Bucheon where a cluster infection occured.
In Bucheon and some parts of Incheon, students except high school seniors won't go back to school until next Wednesday.

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