Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch accuses SNP of inflaming racial tensions

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Published on 4 Jun 2020, 11:12
Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch has accused the SNP of "confected outrage" and "inflaming" racial tension for linking the high BAME coronavirus death rate to the refusal to let new migrants rely on public funds.

Responding to Alison Thewliss, she urged MPs to “calm down racial tensions and not inflame them just so we can have something to put on social media.”

She said: “It is wrong to conflate all black people with recent immigrants and assume, which is what she’s just said, that we all have to pay a surcharge.

“I’m a black woman who is out to work.

“It is absolutely wrong to try and conflate lots of different issues and merge them into one just so it can get traction in the press."

Ms Thewliss had said to her in the Commons: “It’s one thing to say black lives matter and quite another to force people from BAME backgrounds out to work because they have no choice.

“No recourse to public funds is a racist policy - will she abolish it now?”

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