Cops Beat Protesters as Trump Hints He Won't Go Peacefully 6/5/20

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Published on 6 Jun 2020, 1:00
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--On the Show:

--Several NYPD officers have been caught on video beating a cyclist with batons as he tries to cross the street, while in North Carolina, cops are filmed destroying a medical station

--Even if Donald Trump is defeated in November, he may not go peacefully

--Caller wonders why not many Baby Boomers are protesting the police killing of George Floyd

--Caller asks if cops caught on camera beating up peaceful protesters will be punished

--Caller discusses whether Trump still has a path to victory in November

--Caller asks the best way to deal with problem cops

--Caller suspects Kellyanne Conway might secretly hate Trump

--Caller still may not vote for Joe Biden

--Audience Question: Will protests help or hurt Trump's chances at reelection?

--Audience Question: How do we actually deal with police brutality?

--Audience Question: Could coronavirus kill enough Trump supporters to lead to Biden's victory?

--On the Bonus Show: Rush Limbaugh on the Breakfast Club, more Confederate statues taken down, and much more...

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