Day of #GeorgeFloyd protests in Washington DC | Raw cut

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Published on 6 Jun 2020, 16:00
Day 2:

Filmmaker Alexey Brazhnikov spent a day with protesters in Washington, DC, as they marched through the city in a #GeorgeFloyd demonstration. Protests have swept through the US since Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers. Some have devolved into widespread looting, destruction, and violence. Watch our raw footage from America’s capital, where thousands are taking to the streets daily. “The curfew that day [June 3] began at 11 pm but, even past midnight, there were over 1,000 demonstrators near the White House,” says Alexey. “There were no provocations, neither teargas nor rubber bullets were deployed.”

Live George Floyd Death Protests around the U.S.
Black lives matter documentary

00:00 - 1:18 Going to the city centre
2:09 Banks are closed
02:58 H St NW & 16th St (near Lafayette Square). Protesters are gathering and singing with posters in their hands
05:56 The protesters are turning to the police
09:44 A woman is crying asking the police who is going to protect her now
10:17 A guy thanks the police for their service which is met with an outcry
11:10 A white guy is addressing black protesters
15:23 A girl is handing out milk in case the protesters are fired at with tear-gas
18:01 One of the protesters is telling why he’s going to keep coming to the White House
20:24 A girl is telling that the police fired rubber bullets at her the day before
24:51 Young black girls and guys are leading the protesters to a peaceful march along the streets of Washington, D.C.
26:35 The military are smiling to the camera
27:08 Handing out water to the protesters
29:40 Church members are greeting the protesters with bell-ringing on P St NW & 16th St
29:58 Skateboarders’ story about how they protected themselves from rubber bullets with their boards
30:45 The locals are greeting the protesters
34:50 On 700 R St NW women are shouting the slogan ‘All lives matter’
36:54 A black guy is telling why the attitude towards Afro-Americans should be changed in the country
41:21 The protester wearing the Batman costume
41:52 The protests are ongoing in front of the White House
43:30 Talking to the military near the White House
46:05 The guy who projects slogans onto buildings
46:55 A girl is telling about the possible second use of tear gas and rubber bullets
47:50 A black guy is sharing why he is discontented with today’s system
48:50 The protesters are urging the tenants of the houses to join them
50:31 The girl with the slogan «Don’t shoot» on her hand
53:06 The protesters are deciding if they should come back to the White House
56:41 An elderly man protesting with a poster in front of the White House
58:00 Talking to the military by the White House after 2 a.m.

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