Trump Is Still Fighting To Get The Wealthy Another Tax Break

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Published on 6 Jun 2020, 17:00
Under the guise of helping a struggling economy during a pandemic, Donald Trump is still pushing for a capital gains tax cut that would really only benefit the top 1% of Americans. This would do absolutely nothing to help the economy during the crisis, but virtually nothing coming from DC today is actually designed to help the economy. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why, before this is all over, the wealthy will likely end up with another round of tax cuts.

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Good news, everybody. The economy has apparently fixed itself enough that Donald Trump is ready for another round of tax cuts for those at the top. That's what we're looking at right now from the president of the United States. According to the white house economic advisor, Donald Trump has been repeatedly suggesting a capital gains tax in addition to obviously his payroll tax cut that he wants to do, which we have talked about a lot, but he is now on this kick of wanting a capital gains tax in addition to the payroll tax cut. Now for those of you who are not familiar with a capital gains tax, which I assume is most people because we don't get it, only about 6% of households in the bottom 80% of income brackets, uh, get this capital gains tax cause it is the tax that you pay from things like, I don't know, selling real estate or selling certain stocks and things like that.

Most of us, again, only 6% of the bottom, 80% of income earners even have to deal with this. So it's not something that we're familiar with. Uh, 75% of it is actually paid by people in the top 1%, 1% 75% of it. So you can imagine obviously what Donald Trump thinks cutting that tax is somehow going to help speed up the economic recovery, right? That's trickle down economics one Oh one, and since it didn't work at all this last time, they cut taxes at the end of 2017 I'm sure it will have the exact same effect if we do it in 2020 here's his thinking behind this. According to his economic advisor, the stock market started to do better. You lose more than 40 million people have lost their jobs with the stock market starting to do a little bit better. And so if we just kind of cut that capital gains tax, hopefully stock market will do even better. And then that means what? What does that mean? What does it mean when the stock market does better? Half people in this country don't own any stock at all. None. The majority of stocks in this country are owned by the top 20% bottom 80% I don't even think they have a double digit percentage of the amount of stock in this country. So what does it mean? Who gives a shit if the stock market does well, I don't give a shit. If the stock market hits zero today and every stock in this country becomes worthless. Do you know what that does to my life right now? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing changes about my life. My net worth doesn't change. It's none of my money is tied up in that.

It's simply not, I'm not into that form of gambling, which is what it is. Regardless, cutting the capital gains tax right now is a stupid idea. The government needs money. The government's spending money faster than it can come in, and the reason for that one, obviously we're in a pandemic. We have to get eight out there to people, except we're not giving aid to people. We're giving aid to the multinational corporations who mismanaged their own money. They get bailed out. We get a onetime Donald Trump's signature check trying to buy our vote in November. That's where we got I am. I am sick of this. That's one of the reasons we have so much unrest in this country right now.