Bodycam Shows Deputy Smashing Car Window After Woman Refuses To Get Out

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Published on 9 Jun 2020, 22:20
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Orlando, Florida — A body camera video captured the moment a Florida deputy smashed a woman's car window after she refused to exit her vehicle during a traffic stop. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened on Wednesday as deputies were monitoring a George Floyd protest in Orlando. They noticed a vehicle with its hazard lights on, blocking a lane of traffic, and pulled the driver over in a nearby parking lot. A deputy reached into the open window to try to open the door from the inside when the vehicle lurched forward and the driver started to roll up the window on the deputy’s arm.

That’s when the deputy removed his arm from the window, took out his baton and smashed the window, causing the glass to shatter on the woman. He then removed her from the car, placed her in handcuffs, and put her in the back of a patrol vehicle. Orange County Sheriff John Mina said that the woman sustained minor cuts to her face from the broken glass and went to the hospital for treatment. Mina said he would review the affidavit on those charges and decide whether to proceed. The sheriff's office is also reviewing the deputy's actions. Authorities have not released the full names of the woman or deputy as they continue to review the incident.

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