Sesame Street create special broadcast to help children during coronavirus lockdown

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Published on 18 Jun 2020, 11:09
Elmo, Cookie Monster and Muppets from around the globe are joining forces for a special episode of "Sesame Street."

The 25-minute Sesame Street special will be broadcast across the world and aims to inform children about the pandemic and use characters to teach children about how to handle their lockdown feelings.

With many schools closed for months and many parents taking on the role of teacher, "Elmo's World News" aims to help kids- and their families- cope during these trying times.

Executive Producer Scott Cameron explains:
"We looked at research-based activities that we've had, we've known to be successful. And from there we crafted a half hour that was really visual, that was replicable so that kids could do it no matter what their resources are and no matter where they're living around the world."

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