The Turd Blossom Karl Rove Returns To "Save" Republicans

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Published on 29 Jun 2020, 18:00
Via America’s Lawyer: With Biden’s poll numbers surging ahead of Trump’s, how much of this swell in support is driven by fear and how could Karl Rove save Trump's campaign? Media analyst David Lamb joins Mike Papantonio to explain more.

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Okay. Karl Rove's back.
The turd blossom returns.
He does.
Okay. We know his, we know what his game plan is.
He's got a bag of tricks.
His bag of tricks, law and order, Joe Biden's brain is fried.
The Dems are a disaster for the economy. If the Dems win, the entire United States is going to look like Chaz, up in Seattle, Washington. This is this, this is his game plan.
Yeah, it is.
And so what has, what happens with this kind of movement? Fear? Tell me about the fear card. How does it figure?
So here's what's interesting, in that Fox news poll what I found really interesting other than just the numbers, is they were asked about passions and motivations. Take a look at these numbers Pap. So when it comes to the fear of the other candidate, Biden supporters, 63% fear Trump. Trump supporters, 31% fear Biden, which basically nonexistent. Enthusiasm for candidate, 31% of Biden supporters are excited about him. 63% of Trump supporters excited, excited about him. What has to happen is Trump has to demonize Joe Biden. Make him scarier.
He's got to bring up the negatives.
He's got to bring up the negatives on Biden and this, this game plan, we will see it playing out. I thought it was really interesting, you know, this thing about the Biden's brain being fried, and we've heard that it's, it's, it's just part of the talking point.
Now to, to handle that. Did you see the ad where they have Biden and Obama running down a hallway? Like we're healthy. There's no problem there. And then we have Trump looking, just decrepit, walking down a ramp.
So that is the, that's, that's part of it. That's the beginning.
That is.
How about the burning of the United States that the United States is going to look like Chaz, up in Seattle if these guys win. Do the numbers tell us anything? Fear.
Definitely fear. That also really affects the, those voters 65 plus. Those voters are so important because they show up at the polls and they have forever. The young voters, the millennials get all the attention, but, but they're much less consistent than those 65 plus voters. Biden has a 10 point lead, which last election cycle Trump won them by 8%. election cycle before that, Mitt Romney won those 65 plus voters by 12. So basically a 20 point switch there.
Gore hit them like 61% or something crazy like that.
Gore was the last Dem to win.
Okay. So he has to pick up these voters and fear is the best card. You know, we've got this radical left, that's supported by the Democrats. It's who they are. They're trying to burn down the country. They're tearing down statues. They're burning up cities. Go, I thought it was interesting, Trump says, I'm going to let Chaz play out to let the American public look at it and understand that this is what, this is what the Dems want for America. Isn't that part of the Karl Rove plan?
That, that is definitely the plan and the poll numbers actually back that up. A, a survey by FiveThirtyEight, 60% of registered voters, you know, we've heard this term defunding the police, 60% of registered voters oppose defunding police. Democrats oppose it 40, 50 to 34. Republicans, 84-11. But get this, another poll. Do you support defunding the police? 34% of the country supports that, 7% of Republicans. Trump has to stay on message. Karl Rove is going to push him to do this. A lot of time in Tulsa was spent on a number of other things.
He was talking like a crazy man.
He was.
If you listen to Trump, he was talking like a crazy man and the, the interesting thing is, Rove is already there. Rove heard him say, look, our guys, he actually said something like our guys.

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