Bodycam Shows Santa Fe Police Shoot Suspected Shoplifter Armed With a Large Knife

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Published on 1 Jul 2020, 16:22
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Santa Fe, New Mexico — On June 7, 2020 at approximately 6:45 p.m., Santa Fe Police Department Officer Brandon Deets and Officer Cesar Ornelas responded to the Big R store located at 725 St. Michaels Drive in Santa Fe, NM in reference to a fight in progress. Prior to the officer’s arrival, it was reported a male subject was confronted by two individuals regarding a shoplifting at the Big R and the male subject had attacked them both with a knife. When Officer Deets and Officer Ornelas both arrived on scene, they encountered a male subject identified as Joseph Galassini (33) from Santa Fe, NM in the parking lot of the Big R. Galassini was armed with a knife. During the officer’s encounter with Galassini, Officer Deets and Officer Ornelas gave Galassini numerous verbal commands to drop the knife. Galassini ignored the officer’s commands and moved aggressively towards Officer Deets, while holding the knife and yelling at him. As Officer Deets moved backwards away from Galassini for his safety, he tripped over a raised curb at which point Officer Ornelas yelled at Galissini to gain his attention.

Galissini turned towards Officer Ornelas and began to walk towards him with the knife. Galissini raised his knife towards Officer Ornelas while he continued to yell. Officer Ornelas moved backwards from one end of the parking lot to the other, keeping a safe distance from Galissini. Officer Deets then regained the attention of Galissini. Galissini turned towards Officer Deets again and began to walk towards him. As Galissini walked towards Officer Deets, both officers observed Galissini raise his knife within striking distance of Officer Deets. At that time, Officer Deets and Officer Ornelas fired their department issued handguns at least once towards Galissini, striking him. After the knife was safely secured, other Santa Fe Police officers arrived on scene and assisted with rendering aid to Galissini until emergency medical personnel arrived. Galissini was transported to an area hospital where he was treated for injuries believed to be non-life threatening. Officer Brandon Deets has been employed with the Santa Fe Police Department for approximately 4 years and Officer Cesar Ornelas for 1.5 years. Officer Ornelas has 5 years or prior experience being a Corrections Officer with Santa Fe Adult Detention Center.

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