FULL SHOW: How Americans cope with lockdown blues

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Published on 1 Jul 2020, 20:15
After nearly half a year spent largely inside, Americans are more depressed than ever as they struggle to cope with COVID-19 and the new reality. “PoliticKing” host Larry King weighs in. Russia is voting this week on proposed changes to the country’s constitution. There are more than 140 amendments on the ballot, including changes to minimum wage. While many have voted online, President Putin has declared a national holiday to allow voters a chance to participate. RT’s Saskia Taylor reports. After a New York Times article alleged that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers, there’s now fallout over what the US intelligence community knew. Top lawmakers call for action while Trump calls the entire story another “hoax.” RT America’s Rachel Blevins has the story. Seattle police are clearing an occupied protest area known as CHOP or CHAZ. The downtown area has been filled with protesters, many of them camped out, calling for an end to police brutality. Recently the encampment has experienced violence, including a shooting on Monday that claimed the life of a 16-year-old boy. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the story.

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