Black Plague infections in China, Mongolia & US (Full show)

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Published on 7 Jul 2020, 21:30
Confirmed cases of Bubonic plague (or “Black Death”) have been detected in China and Mongolia. Seven cases of Bubonic plague are detected in the US every year. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports on the world’s continued struggle against COVID-19 and efforts to keep the new Bubonic plague outbreak under control. Then microbiology expert Dr. Dean Hart joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the latest findings about the novel coronavirus and how they’re likely to impact the global response to the pandemic.

The State of New York has fined Deutsche Bank a $150 million fine for years of suspicious cash activity during the course of the bank’s relationship with infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. RT America’s John Huddy reports.

Denmark has approved the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a giant joint project that will give Germany access to massive amounts of cheap natural gas from Russia. The US, fearing the loss of the European energy market to Russia, has condemned the project and is threatening sanctions against EU countries. RT’s Peter Oliver reports. Then former UK MP George Galloway shares his insights.

Researchers believe that unlimited energy can be extracted from rotating black holes. RT America’s Trinity Chavez explains the science behind the astonishing discovery.
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