Trump Sinking: Poll Numbers Plunge Amid Covid-19 Spike, Police Protests

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Published on 12 Jul 2020, 22:30
The presidential election is four months away and according to Gallup, President Trump’s approval rating has fallen again. It currently sits at 38%, following a steep drop in late May and early June. This comes as he trails his democratic rival, former Vice-President Joe Biden, in both national and battle ground state, polls. Polling expert David Lamb takes a look at Trump’s approval rating and approval ratings for different presidents throughout history and how they impacted their bids for re-election. Then we are joined by Scottie Nell Hughes who says both parties seem to have become more concerned with the theatre of campaigning, rather than governing. (17:42)| Just Press Play has that segment and the best of other in-depth reports, exclusive interviews and controversial issues you may have missed during the week on RT America.

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