COVID For All | Episode 249 (July 10, 2020)

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Published on 13 Jul 2020, 18:59
Trump’s administration has officially given up the fight against COVID-19, with White House staffers reportedly hoping Americans will become “numb” to the deaths caused by the pandemic. That approach (or lack thereof) paired with Trump’s supporters actively fighting against mask mandates and shaming responsible people that choose to wear masks has culminated in an absolute disaster for the country. Additionally, Trump’s administration is pressuring governors to resume school in the fall as normal. We’ll discuss Trump’s COVID-19 failures as well as other news and close the show by talking to comedian Twitch streamer and YouTuber Lance from The Serfs.

Trump White House Hopes Americans Will Grow Numb to COVID Deaths:
Trump Blames COVID Rise on Testing:
Trump Jr’s Girlfriend’s Positive COVID-19 Test a ‘Setback’ for Trump Admin:
Trump Threatens 10-Years in Jail if You Assault a Statue:
Fox News Fans Turn on Judge Jeanine Pirro for the Dumbest Reason Ever:
Trump Won’t Mandate Masks:
Tell Nancy Pelosi to Debate Shahid Buttar:
Dakota Access Pipeline Permanently Shut Down by Federal Judge:
Trump Will Pressure Governors to Open Schools:
DeVos Attacks Schools That Hesitate Reopening:
Trump Discourages Online Classes by Purging International Students:
Ilhan Omar’s Speech Makes Republicans Lose It:
Kanye Interview with Forbes:
The Left Gets Rolled on Biden’s Task Forces:
More Details on Result of Biden’s Task Forces:
Abdul El-Sayed Details Taskforce Accomplishments:
Read the Full Unity Task Force Recommendation Document:

Check Out The Serfs:

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