GlobeDocs Presents: 'What I Mean By Mercy'

Published on 20 Jul 2020, 16:58
What I Mean By Mercy (WIMBM) is a short film series and a companion to 3 poems written as a conceptualization of what mercy is and could be. A holy word, a war word, a word moonlighting with love and a kind of devotion--mercy is an abstraction and a muse of burgeoning arts incubator, Mother Mercy.
WIMBM was a collaborative effort showcasing the directorial debut of JME, poet and founder of Mother Mercy, as well as the vision of Amin Aliabadi, director of part I and co-director of part II. David Hill, editor and director of photography materialized the musings. This series, produced by Mother Mercy, grapples with how we choose to live mercifully with ourselves & with others.

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