The Covid Economy: Bettering Business - BBC Newsnight

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Published on 29 Jul 2020, 8:00
In the final instalment of our series looking at the economy post-Covid, Newsnight explores the potential shift in the relationship between business and society. Subscribe to our channel here:

Has Covid changed our view on business’ place in society?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak offered an unprecedented £160 billion support package for British businesses to deal with the financial challenges of Covid-19. Will this support create new expectations for how businesses operate?

In the final instalment of our series looking at the economy post-covid, Newsnight explores whether coronavirus will reshape how we respond to economic crises and re-evaluate how interventionist we should be.

The idea of companies serving a wider range of interests than just investors has been increasingly discussed in recent years, but will Covid accelerate a shift towards a stakeholder model? Will traditional models adapt to help the most vulnerable in society?

Business Editor Helen Thomas reports.

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