The President's War Chest May Not Be Big Enough To Save His Reelection

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Published on 5 Aug 2020, 18:00
Via America’s Lawyer: With under 100 days until the election, Trump’s foothold is slipping in Republican states while Biden is seeing double-digit leads. Mike Papantonio is joined by media analyst David Lamb to discuss.

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Look, less than a hundred days from the election, talk about where we are with, you know, where it comes to electoral college, which is where the, where it's won or lost and popular vote. Popular vote right now to me doesn't mean as much. What is, what do the electoral vote issues look like?
So popular vote, Biden's lead is nearly 10 points. The electoral vote that's going to be won in these battleground States. And as you run down that list of the battleground States at present, Wisconsin, Biden's up 10. Iowa, Trump is up a point and a half. North Carolina, two percentage point, basically dead even. In Florida, Biden's seven to 8%. Arizona, Biden is up four. As you go down the list, many of the States, those battleground States that Trump won in 2016, he is actually only leading in Iowa a sign of trouble. I think it's, I think Florida of all the battleground States.
Florida and Texas.
But Florida especially is crucial to president Trump, if he has any chance. And right now, you know, he, it's nearly a double digit for him. No Republican presidential winner has won without the state of Florida. Calvin Coolidge was the last to do that in 1926.
Yeah. I'm not seeing anything that takes hold. I, I would've thought the law and order would have taken hold, but your point is very well taken. This is the guy.
You know, so that's really not taking hold. The sleepy Joe in this cellar who is by the way, been in office for 40 plus years.
He has.
And now he's saying I'm going to do something. That's kind of out there. It hasn't been developed really well. But the war chest.
War chest.
Yeah. The, their, the funding, Trump has still a great deal of money in the bank. But how are they going to utilize that? Because if you look, you were talking about electoral college votes, at this point, Biden is likely or leading. He has 222 electoral college votes kind of in the bank, if you will, in his hip pocket, 222, 270 is where he's got to get to. Trump is at 115. How do you get to 270 from that?
Big jump.
And Texas and Florida, those are really expensive.
115 to 270 is where's he got to go.
Thank you for joining me. Okay.
You bet. Thank you.

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