Virus Hits Schools, Republicans Ask Silly Questions 8/7/20

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Published on 8 Aug 2020, 1:00
New Show: Republicans implode at conspiracy hearing, back to school a disaster, live calls, and much more...
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--On the Show:

--Republicans hilariously implode at hearings with former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, including bogus lines of questioning from Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham

--Kids start testing positive for coronavirus after one day back in school as the entire school year is now in question

--Caller discusses the subscriber war between David and Sam Seder

--Caller suspects people think socialism means the end of markets

--Caller discusses overcoming addiction

--Caller asks if violence is ever justified

--Audience Question: How many Americans will refuse the coronavirus vaccine?

--Audience Question: If Trump delays the election, who becomes President?

--Audience Question: Are anti-Trump Republicans still in the party?

--On the Bonus Show: Joe Biden's latest gaffe, students suspended after photographing packed hallways, and much more...

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