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Published on 8 Aug 2020, 12:45
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Sean Hannity (Author, Live Free or Die) about the secret big money funding boycotts of conservatives, the hypocrisy of Joe Biden’s civil rights record and Democrats failures at running everything from cities to public schools. Sean gives a behind the scenes look into how boycotts against conservative personalities like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are funded by millions of dollars spent recording and studying every word that he and others say. The goal being to find one thing to take out of context and hopefully silence their message by getting their shows cancelled. Sean talks about why he never supports boycotting people like Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel no matter how much he hates their message. Instead of cancel culture he suggests simply changing the channel. He also gives his take on the Sean Hannity vs Jimmy Kimmel Twitter feud. Sean discusses the death of civil rights icon John Lewis. He shares his disgust with the overly political Barack Obama speech that was given at the John Lewis funeral. Sean talks about the hypocrisy of the Democrats portraying themselves as the party of civil rights when Joe Biden’s mentor was former Senator and KKK chapter leader Robert Byrd. Sean expresses his frustration with Republicans for being too weak, as evidenced in their failure to repeal Obamacare and replace the affordable care act with a more free market healthcare system. Sean talks about the state of America’s Democrat run cities. New York City, Portland, Seattle and Chicago have all suffered damage from protesters, looters, violence and riots. Progressive Democrats continue to push for the government to control more aspects of our lives when they can’t even give the citizens of their cities simple security or law and order. Sean also cites some frightening examples of the failures of public schools in Baltimore. Add to that the failure to properly fund Medicare or Social Security and Sean wonders why anyone would support socialism and think that the government should control more aspects of the economy.

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