Democracy in Decline | Episode 253 (August 7, 2020)

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Published on 9 Aug 2020, 15:59
Trump takes his attacks on mail-in voting to the next level. We’ll talk about his scheme to sabotage mail-in voting by kneecapping the U.S. Postal Service. We’ll break down the dangers this poses and also discuss the Trump Organization investigation, Trump’s unintentionally hilarious interview with Axios, and whether or not his demand to reopen schools applies to his own son, Barron Trump. We’ll also talk about Chris Murphy’s coup confession, the Kentucky Senate race, anti-maskers, MSNBC and Fox News’ bias, Biden’s brain, Cori Bush’s victory and much more.

Trump’s Postal Service Chief Trying to Cripple System:
Trump Now Being Criminally Investigation for Fraud:
Learn More About Kwame Ture:
WHO Chief, Dr. Fauci Warn COVID-19 May Never be Fully Eradicated:
Mitch McConnell Has 17-Point Lead Over Amy McGrath:
Data for Progress Poll from Kentucky:
67% of Voters Supporter Medicare For All:
Most Voters Support National Mask Mandate:
Voters Think U.S. Handling COVID-19 Worse Than Other Countries:
Less Than a Third of the Country Trusts Trump on COVID-19:
MSNBC Producer Pens Scathing Exit:
Watch Trump’s Full Interview on Axios:
Students, Teachers, & Parents Are Pushing Back:
Shahid Buttar Accused of Staff Mistreatment:
Shahid Buttar Accused of Harassment:
Margaret Flowers Defends Shahid Buttar:
More Details on Shahid Buttar Story:
Activists Pen Open Letter in Supporter of Shahid Buttar:
Medium Series About Croydon’s Alleged History of Rumors and False Accusations:

0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview
2:46 Trump SABOTAGING Mail-In Voting
14:06 Trump Organization Being Criminally Investigated
20:43 Right-Wingers STILL Anti-Mask
31:20 COVID-19 May Never Be Fully Eradicated
41:06 Bill Clinton Gloats About Clyburn Sinking Sanders
51:01 Trump's Stupidity Utterly STUNS Reporter
1:09:34 Trump Demands Schools Reopen
1:18:28 Fox News Condemns Bill Clinton’s Ties to Epstein
1:26:49 MSNBC Producer Resigns, Pens Scathing Letter
1:40:28 Dems Helped Trump Stage a Coup in Venezuela
1:51:11 Mitch McConnell is Ahead of Amy McGrath by 17-Points
1:59:43 Most Americans AREN'T Completely Insane
2:09:59 Cori Bush DEFEATS Lacy Clay in Stunning Upset
2:21:39 Joe Biden HUMILIATES Himself (Again)
2:28:24 Allegations Against Shahid Buttar
3:03:32 Outro

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