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Published on 14 Aug 2020, 12:00
What do you think the candidates should be talking about?

Tell us here:

The US has a huge election coming up, but to explain it, we want your help. Instead of deciding on our own what the most important issues are, we want to know what you think is important. Tell us at the link above: What do you wish the candidates in the 2020 US election would talk about?

Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll update our Community tab with the list of the ideas that we’re turning into videos, so you’ll know what’s in the works. Starting in September, we’ll publish one video from that list every week.

A lot of news coverage of elections focuses on the polls, or the candidates’ personalities, or predictions about who might win. With this project, we want to do something different, and focus instead on how your lives might be affected by the election’s outcome. So tell us what you think the candidates in the US election should be talking about. And thanks for watching.

Here’s that link again: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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