From Brexit to coronavirus: Scotland’s changing political landscape - BBC Newsnight

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Published on 17 Sep 2020, 23:03
As May 2021's Holyrood elections edge closer, how are Brexit and the pandemic playing into the changing Scottish political landscape? Subscribe to our channel here:

When Scotland voted no to independence - who would have predicted that just six years later, if a referendum was held again now, polling suggests a ‘Yes vote’ would win out. 

Back in 2014, Brexit and the Covid crisis were still a way into the future and Scots voted for certainty and the status quo. That's now in flux.

The UK is out of the EU, against the will of the majority of Scottish voters, who also apparently look kindly on the handling of the pandemic by Scotland's political leadership.

The leader of the labour party travelled to Edinburgh today, and voiced his opposition to another referendum.

The Prime Minister has already made clear he doesn't want to lose the union on his watch and has said another referendum won't be granted.

Can that position hold if the SNP do well in parliamentary elections next year?

Policy Editor Lewis Goodall reports on a familiar constitutional battle now facing its latest twist and turn.

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