Republican Senator Releases Insane Ad Joking About Killing Leftists

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Published on 24 Sep 2020, 19:00
Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler - the woman who allegedly did NOT break insider trading laws earlier this year even though it was quite obvious that it likely happened - has released a new ad where a narrator claims that she is more conservative than a brutal conqueror from early history. It then goes on to joke about this conqueror, Atilla the Hun, murdering leftists, and says that Loeffler is more extreme than that. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, the wealthiest member of the United States Senate, by the way, uh, her and her husband, Jeff Sprecher, who also happens to be the, uh, chairman of the New York stock exchange. Um, Loeffler's put out a new ad that is so amateur, so juvenile and so revolting that most people who saw it didn't actually think it was real. They thought it was a joke at first that some person online had created this thing and pretend that it was from Kelly Loeffler, but turns out this surreal ad from levelers a reelection campaign. And this is what it is. Take a look.
Did you know, Kelly Loeffler was ranked the most conservative Senator in America?
Yep. She's more conservative than Attila the Hun.
Fight China, got it.
Attach big government. Yeah, mhmm.
Eliminate the liberal scribes.
More conservative than Attila the Hun.
Kelly Loeffler, 100% Trump voting record.
I'm Kelly Loeffler. I approve this message.
Now I'll get to the, uh, insane statements made in that. And just a moment, but I have to reiterate the fact that this is a woman with a net worth of $500 million. You got half a billion dollars sitting in the bank or sitting in stocks that, you know, you, you sold or you traded because she knew insider information cause the pandemic, but the FBI for some reason, decided not to charge you. Uh, that's another point too, before I even finished the other point, I'm going to go onto this point. Kelly Loeffler should have been arrested for insider trading. That's obvious, but the FBI looked into it and thought, Nope, we can't find enough information. Even though Loeffler went to a meeting, was told all this horrible information about how bad the pandemic is going to be before the public was alerted, immediately went sold. All her stocks then bought stocks in companies that would benefit from people working remotely.
Her husband, chairman of the New York stock exchange did the exact same thing, but gee, we can't pin insider trading on him. Uh, bull bull. There is nothing anyone on this planet will ever be able to do to convince me that Kelly Loeffler and her husband, Jeff Sprecher did not engage in insider trading. I know the FBI says that they didn't, I don't believe that for a second, based on just the available evidence that we have. So that's her thing. So anyway, $500 million. A lot of it ill gotten apparently, uh, if the insider trading thing is true and this is the best you got, I mean for $500 million, if you, if you're sitting on half a billion dollars in net worth, you should be able to put out campaign ads, starring Brad Pitt, right? I mean, you've got the money, but instead you hire these people who can barely act themselves out of a paper bag, production quality looks like you had a couple of kids in middle school, put it together. And then of course comes the really obscene part where you claim to be more conservative than Attila the Hun. And then you show Attila the Hun calling for the death of liberal scribes.
So by, by the, uh, properties given to us here, you're more conservative than a man who says we should kill the liberal scribes. So what does that mean?

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