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Published on 27 Sep 2020, 23:00
America’s 400 richest are worth a record $3.2 trillion, up $240 billion from a year ago, aided by a stock market that has defied the virus. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, worth $179 billion, is number one for the third year in a row, followed by Bill Gates at number two. It still takes at least $2.1 billion, unchanged for the past three years, to make the cut. Even in these trying times mega-fortunes are still being minted.

But Jeff Bezos hasn't been number one for very long - he's relatively new to the top 10 - but others like the Walton family have held onto their ranks with little movement throughout the decade. Who else has secured their place among the richest of America's billionaires and who has fallen off the Forbes 400 since the early 2010s?

Forbes calculates net worths using stock prices at the time of each publishing close date.

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