Ecuador: 36 Galapagos giant tortoises reintroduced into the wild

Published on 30 Sep 2020, 1:20
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Mandatory credit: Ministry of Environment and Water of Ecuador

A group of 36 Galapagos giant tortoises born in captivity were released into the wild on the island of San Cristobal, in the Galapagos archipelago, as footage published on Monday by the Ministry of Environment and Water of Ecuador shows.

The tortoises, between six and eight years old and weighing three to four and a half kilos, were released into their natural habitat in the northwestern part of the island, where there is already a population of around 6,700 tortoises of the same species, after a period of quarantine.

According to sources from the Galapagos Natural Park, the tortoises are healthy, with a good population structure that guarantees their survival.

The species to which the reptiles belong is currently in danger of extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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