Progressives Left Offended Following First Debate & The HuffPost Becomes A Money Pit

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Published on 14 Oct 2020, 18:00
Via America’s Lawyer: The first round of presidential debates left progressives wondering whether Biden was giving them the stiff arm, but the entire debacle has left world viewers appalled by the chaos which erupted between candidates. Also, it’s a buyer’s market for the HuffPost publication, which Verizon owns and has dubbed a money pit for the telecommunications giant. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.

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Joe Biden might've done a job appealing, a really good job, appealing to moderate voters last week in the debate. But the truth is he didn't do himself any favors trying to distance himself from Bernie Sanders and all of the progressives that support Bernie Sanders. I have Farron Cousins with me from trial lawyer magazine to talk about it. Wow. I mean, you know, it seemed to me that Bernie Sanders was out front in, for him. I mean, Bernie Sanders took it on the chin by all of his base to come out and defend Biden. And then by the other night, what was it? Just an old folks moment or the medication wasn't right. What happened?
Well, Trump actually did a really good job of, of making Biden, offend really, the progressive left of the democratic party. He constantly said, well, you, you, Bernie Sanders is pulling the strings. You like Bernie's plan and Joe Biden would have to say, no, I don't. I am the democratic party. Joe Biden said at one point, and that's a terrifying thought to anybody who calls themselves a Democrat. But he, Trump laid the bait for him. Because as soon as Joe Biden would say, no, I don't like Bernie's plan, Trump would say, ah, you just lost the progressive left. It was a brilliant trap to be honest, the first time I've seen Trump really play politics like that, and Biden fell right into it and, and angered and the entire progressive left.
Yeah, I mean, but he went out of his way. I mean, he attacked the guy, Bernie Sanders, this old character who's there for him, goes on the air for him, says, this is the guy. Progressive's unite around Biden. Please do this for me, Bernie. And then this freak in the middle of the debates starts calling him, you know, like he's some crazy old socialist, same way with AOC, right?
Yeah. Distanced from all the policies that they've put forward, the green new deal. And even though Biden has a very good climate plan, he made certain to tell people, this is not the green new deal. I do not support the green new deal, which is actually a popular piece of legislation or an idea really. It's not necessarily legislation.
Okay. So well, Markey and AOC. Okay. You got Markey and AOC with, with this legislation that has some real potential.
It's got a lot of crazy stuff in it, but it's got some real potential, to tell you the truth. So the last thing he ought to do is distance himself. He needs to embrace it, say, this is a good idea because look, you know, he's our next president. I, and if I'm looking at the polling I'm looking at today, I mean 16 points after the debate. What's your take?
Well, that, that to me was shocking. I immediately thought after that debate, I said, okay, Biden went in with the most to lose and I don't think he lost anything, but I don't think he gained anything. You know, the whole thing was a chaotic mess. I mean, I think that is the best description of it.
Well, so let's talk, let's talk about that. I want to talk about the world looked at that chaotic mess, Farron. I mean, the world looked at it. What, what, as they looked at that chaotic mess, what did, what's their take on it?
Well, they they're shocked, one, that America has devolved into this because I think really this is the first time that the rest of the world is paying such close attention to, you know, things like our debates. They always pay attention to our politics, but not necessarily the way that we do. We see this all the time.

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