President's COVID Diagnosis & Debate Performance Gives Biden HUGE Jump In Polls

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Published on 15 Oct 2020, 18:00
Via America’s Lawyer: President Trump's COVID diagnosis and the chaotic presidential debate have pushed the needle in states across the country as election day is just three weeks away. Media analyst David Lamb joins Mike Papantonio to discuss.

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President Trump's COVID diagnosis and the first round of presidential debates, you gotta wonder what kind of impact has it had on the upcoming election? I have David Lamb here with me to talk about that. David, president Trump, he tests positive for COVID-19 and you know, everybody sitting there like, like bated breath, you know, breathlessly, what is this going to mean?
Right, yeah.
Does it mean anything?
Well, there are some early polls, the poll numbers out, you know, they're, this close to the race, there are polls coming out every single day. But there is a Reuters poll taken after the president was diagnosed and it went public that he did have, have COVID-19, Biden jumped 51 41. That's a jump of a couple of points, that Biden's lead increased over the president, but specifically on the subject of the Coronavirus and this administration and the president's handling of it, 90% of Democrats and 50% of Republicans feel the president called the virus because he did not take it seriously. Not surprised the Democrat numbers there, but half of Republicans believe the president caught it because he didn't take it seriously. 57% of those polled say they disapprove of the way Trump has dealt with the virus. That's up three points. So that is trending away from the president.
Okay. So all it did is it just caused more focus?
It did.
And it got the same talking points back out of there. I was amazed when you have these boneheads out there saying, oh, he doesn't really have COVID-19. It was such a stupid play.
Oh, it was terrible.
I mean, it was like, he's making this up. The best play was exactly what you said, that is, you know, this should bring attention to how poorly he handled this crisis. And ultimately listening to what you're saying, it sounds like that's what happened.
It did.
I got sort of lost in the shuffle, but, but we have a debate just, you know, just just days before president's positive on COVID, any idea how, how, how that, how all this came together and how it affected voters. The debate performance obviously was awful, you know, for both candidates, but they must've thought Trump was worse. You know, I, I personally thought he was worse. Biden, Biden, you know, he, yeah, he looked like a goofy old man sometimes, but what's your take?
Yeah. Have you ever seen a debate anywhere near that in your years of watching?
Oh no. I've been following politics. I mean, it was almost unwatchable.
It was and a lot of, a number of folks found it was. There, there was high ratings when it started, but that dipped.
The internat, by the way, the international criticism was over the top. It was like, really, these are the best two you've gotten the entire United States? They call, they called it everything from political cesspool on.
It was tough
That was the whole world watching.
I know it. Yeah, it was, it was a global embarrassment is what it was. An NBC wall street journal poll taken two days after the debate, Biden's lead jumped 53 39 over the president. That was a six point jump for Biden from a poll taken just two weeks prior. The biggest decline for Trump and we've talked for four weeks months now about these groups that you're cobbled together to, to, to get the votes on both sides of going after, the biggest decline for Trump among seniors and suburban women who are now backing Biden, 62 35, that's the seniors.
62 35, a group that the president won in 2016 and then 58 33 for the women. As far as who did better in the debate, that question alone 49% thought Biden did, 24% thought Trump did. And again, he has that 35 to 40% that are his loyal followers.

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