Trump Forced To Sell Discounted Merch As Campaign Cash Dries Up

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Published on 17 Oct 2020, 21:00
The Trump campaign is running out of time and money, and they have a lot of stuff in their online campaign store that they need to get rid of. That's why they held a massive 30% off sale this week to not only clear out this excess inventory, but also to raise some much-needed emergency funds with just weeks to go before the election. But this may be a case of too little, too late, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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Earlier this week, Donald Trump's campaign website held a massive sale. 30% off all of the Trump Pence merchandise that they had in their store, nothing was off limits, 30% off, absolutely everything. And they said that this was their Columbus day sale, which, you know, would make sense if you're a mattress store, because they put everything on sale, any opportunity they get, but the C campaign website, your, your, your goal is to sell these little chotsky things to raise money for your candidate. And that's what this sale was all about. This wasn't a flash sale because, Oh, it's a holiday. Come get your cheap crap. No, no, no. This was because contrary to what Trump said earlier in the week, his campaign is running out of money. He is being outraised by Joe Biden. He is being outspent by Joe Biden and he's had to pull ads.

And I love saying this cause there's so much fun in Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa. He is pulling his ads off the air in swing States because they have to concentrate their very limited resources on keeping Texas red. Now, again, Trump told us earlier this week that his campaign's fine. Totally not out of money at all. No, no, no, no. That's, that's all fake news. It's all lies. And besides if they were out of money, he says, which they're not, he would just put in a bunch of his own money, which he hasn't had to do because they're, they're not out of money. So don't worry about that by the way, 30% off, y'all want to buy some of this stuff. It's going crazy. And then as David K. Johnston for raw story pointed out, it wasn't just about raising money. They also have another problem. And this isn't necessarily political. It doesn't maybe mean a whole heck of a lot for the election, but what it does mean them having this flash sale is that they bought more stuff than people are buying. They're they're trying to get rid of it. We gotta, everything must go.

Cause they're expecting to be defeated in November. And at that point, Tom, shut down shop, right? I mean, this is a political campaign. You don't exactly get to write off your business losses on it. So it'd be nice if you could recoup that money and then you can parlay it into a, some other kind of political entity. Cause if you don't get it back, it's gone. And so they have to, so this does show that as David K. Johnston pointed out, maybe not enough people are buying it, which would be a sign that not enough people are standing by the president anymore. Who knows exactly what it means. Well, we will, once November 3rd rolls around, ah, probably about November 4th, I'm assuming actually we'll know a little bit more about what this story actually means. But one thing is for certain, maybe this sale was just a sale. Maybe it was to get rid of extra crap. Maybe it was because the and pain doesn't have enough money. But the, the thing that is crystal clear is that if Trump is telling us they're having no financial problems at all probably means they're having pretty big financial problems.