White House Touts Herd Immunity Declaration Signed By Fake Doctors

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Published on 18 Oct 2020, 20:00
The Trump administration was apparently fooled into thinking that doctors in America actually support the concept of herd immunity this week, when they touted a "declaration" signed by numerous doctors about the merits of herd immunity. Upon scrutiny, it was revealed that many of the names on the document were actually fake, with names such as Dr. I.P Freely signing on. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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This past Monday during a phone call, the white house actually started promoting this declaration called the great Barrington declaration that is allegedly signed by nearly half a million concerned us citizens, thousands of medical professionals. And it's saying that the U S just essentially needs to give up and just aim for herd immunity from the virus. Cause obviously we're not going to do what's necessary to actually defeat the virus. So let's all just succumb to it. And then move on is what the great Barrington declaration has to say. And again, I mean, this thing was signed by thousands, thousands of medical professionals, or was it because even before the white house started touting the great Barrington declaration on Monday, the week before sky news had actually revealed that a lot of the medical professionals listed on the document, a totally fake, in fact, obviously fake humorously fake, um, some of the fake names included dr.

IP freely dr. Person fake name and dr. Johnny bananas, another signatory called himself, dr. Harold Shipman, a general practitioner in the United Kingdom in 1998. A man named Harold shipment was arrested after killing more than 200 of his patients. So they're using either fake names or names of real doctors who are, you know, not, not doctors anymore. It's not real basically. And then some of the other folks had found out was 18 homeopaths who signed on as medical practitioners, which is a lie. They're not medical practitioners. You're a homeopath, a 100 therapist, which includes massage therapists. And there's nothing against massage therapy, but we're kind of looking for, for science scientists, people that did go to medical school, people that understand internal medicine. So massage therapy is great. It is very therapeutic, but that doesn't mean that these people know internal medicine and virology

To put it in

Simpler terms. Folks, the document is a fake and herd immunity is an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea. Every serious medical professional has warned against trying to get to herd immunity. Do you know why? It's not? Because by the way, and this is the worst part. It's not because it would kill a couple million people in the United States to get there. It's because to get to herd immunity, which are going to have to have is a lot of infections really quick. If you get a lot of infections really quick, you're going to overwhelm our medical resources here in the United States. And our death toll is going to go from one to 2% upwards to 10 or more percent. If we tried to do that, herd immunity is a stupid and dangerous idea. According to the people who actually understand what all of this means, but the white house is ready to throw in the towel. That's why they're promoting this document. They don't want to fight it anymore. They don't want to be strong anymore. And I'm sorry, but when you're the leader of the country, you always have to be strong. That's kind of part of the job. If you're not up for it, let us know because we can fix that in two weeks. And I think he has let us know he's not up for the task. He's not strong enough for the task and he doesn't care enough to want to be strong enough to handle the task.