Amy Macdonald throws support behind music industry in crisis

Published on 22 Oct 2020, 20:26
At the start of this year some of the biggest names in music were headed for Scotland.

Elton John, Dua Lipa and The Who were amongst those scheduled to perform in venues across the country – venues that currently lie empty.

Tour dates have been rescheduled for next year but with no sign of live music returning any time soon, it’s not just these dates that hang in the balance – it’s the thousands of people who work in the music industry’s livelihoods.

While musicians are at the forefront of gigs, behind-the-scenes it takes an army of people to put on a show. From sound and lighting engineers, to roadies, merchandise, PR and marketing teams, catering, security and many, many more.

With no gigs, there’s no jobs and Scottish singer Amy Macdonald is amongst those calling on the Government to throw more support behind the industry.

She told STV News: “The industry isn’t just the stars that you see, in fact none of those stars would get to where they were without all of the hardworking people behind them and those are the people that are greatly affected.

“When you think of a venue like the Barrowlands there’s probably 50 or 60 or even more people working behind the scenes just to put the gig on. There’s so many people whose livelihood depends on music.

“I’ve got band and crew that have started working in supermarkets and things like that just because they need something to bring in income.”