New cash grants for Scots businesses forced to close

Published on 23 Oct 2020, 12:43
Businesses in Scotland which face lockdown restrictions will be able to apply for grants on top of those provided by the UK Government.

Grants for £2000 or £3000 every four weeks would be available for firms forced to close due to lockdown measures.

Those which can remain open but cannot trade as normal due to restrictions can apply for funding of £1400 or £2100 every four weeks.

The First Minister made the announcement as she outlined a new five-tier system at Friday’s coronavirus briefing.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “Our objective is to get the virus to low levels again so we can live with as few restrictions as possible and allow businesses to operate as close to normal as possible.

“But we have to be realistic, in a global pandemic some restrictions on business are likely to be necessary for a while to come.

“At times like now, these restrictions might require businesses to close or to limit trade significantly. We hope these periods will be short but it is essential that we support businesses through them.

“Therefore no matter what level we are at, the following support will be available and let me stress this is over and above the support available from the UK-wide job support scheme – which we think should go further.

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