Final US Presidential Debate & New Markets for Huawei?

18 725
38 days – 9 73424:52
Markets Dip on US COVID-19 Surge
201 day – 25 88524:50
US Is Now Banning Cryptocurrencies
280 days – 20 34425:30
Market Bloodbath Rages On
Published on 23 Oct 2020, 22:11
Markets are reacting to the second and final US presidential debate, but the ripples of the event are reaching far further. We take a look at both the market and global effects of the final American presidential debate with RT America’s Rick Sanchez. Plus, as US sanctions have pushed Chinese telecom giant Huawei out of several international markets, they may have driven development in another. We bring you insight on the latest actions in the telecom space and what nation could be benefitting in the sector as a result of the crackdown.

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