Trump's Rallies Have Caused Major Spikes In New COVID Cases

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Published on 26 Oct 2020, 16:00
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As Donald Trump continues his rally blitz before the election, he's also bringing the coronavirus with him. Analyses have now confirmed that his rallies are causing a major spike in new COVID-19 cases, coinciding with a nationwide surge in new cases. The virus isn't going to disappear, and Trump is intentionally endangering the lives of people he views as expendable in order to get their vote. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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According to public health officials in five different cities in three different States, Donald Trump's rallies have in fact been super spreader events for COVID-19 and the health officials looked at the hospitalization rates in their areas. The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19, uh, the number of new COVID-19 cases and through contact tracing, we're able to determine that these were people who attended Trump's rally or have been in close contact with people who attended Trump's rallies.
Uh, these were two in Pennsylvania, two in Minnesota, and one in Wisconsin. These took place several weeks ago, kind of before the really big rally blitz that he has been on the past, you know, 10 days. So there's no telling how bad this is going to affect the entire country. I mean, he is doing rallies and big cities. He is doing rallies in little cities. He's going to red States, he's going to blue States. He's going to swing States. He is all over the place in every time he goes somewhere. It's the same thing you, I mean, they, it's a cookie cutter event. What you see, you see the people behind him all masked up, but none of them socially distanced, which is still very dangerous. But then in the crowd, no social distancing, distancing, and no widespread mask use. So they put the people with the masks behind him as the backdrop to make it seem like it's safe.
But then all the shots of the crowd, that's the super spreader event that's what's happening. And then these people go back to their homes, go back to their neighborhoods, go back to their neighboring cities or States and they bring the virus with them. What's happening. In addition to the fact, by the way that last Friday was the highest single day, a number of new COVID cases we've had Saturday was the second highest day. Second, only to Friday, we're on the upswing again as a country folks we are, and now it would be ridiculously irresponsible to say that it is because of Trump's rallies, but it's easy to say the Trump's rallies aren't helping anything, especially when the pandemic is getting worse, not better. You know, God, how many months in are we seven, eight months in, at this point, and it's still getting worse under his leadership.
And he's still knowingly going out there, putting people in danger because by the way, this isn't the first time we've gotten reports confirming that his rallies have been super spreader events. The ones he did back at the end of summer, you know, the ones he did in August. The one that fricking ended up killing Herman Cain. Yeah. We knew how dangerous this was. Months ago. The thing is he doesn't care. That's what these people need to realize that people going to the rallies to get a glimpse of their favorite president need to understand that he doesn't care if they live or die, as long as they voted, of course. But once you cast your ballot for him, he doesn't care. If you survive, he doesn't care. If you contract the virus, he doesn't care. If you live to see Thanksgiving and Christmas, he doesn't care.
You are useful idiots to him. You are expendable to him. You are tools that he uses to account blush.

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