Battleground State Polls Show We Will Soon Have A NEW President

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Published on 29 Oct 2020, 18:00
Via America’s Lawyer: Media analyst David Lamb joins Mike Papantonio to break down the final poll numbers from record rates of early voting as we enter the final stretch before next week's election.

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There's less than one week to go before the 2020 election and we're seeing record numbers of early voters, especially among battleground state voters. What are the final polls saying and what do they mean for this election coming up? David, let me ask you, I've got David Lamb with me. Of course, he's been a regular on this show talking about the polling, break it down. National polls, state polls. Everybody gets, you know, they, they don't understand that the state polls really matter. That the battleground states really do matter.
Yeah. That, that's where the race is going to be won and loss. It's hard, as I stand here, here we are a week out and this may give some Democrat voters PTSD to four years ago, but it's hard to imagine a path where we do not have a new president because the, the, the, the hole is deep for Trump to have to dig out of. He is making headway. Now in the past, he's lost a point, Biden has lost a point every week now going on three weeks. So, but the, the deal with that is it's gone from 10 to nine to eight. So Trump is running out of time. Nationally, the lead is right around eight points right now.
Wow, okay.
in, in the battleground states, like, like you said, that those are the States that it's just so crucial. And again, there's some slippage there about a point that Biden has lost over the last week in, in those key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, Florida, Texas, but the fact that Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina.
Are in play.
Are even in play it's, it's, it's just crazy.
Were they in play in the Clinton election, 2016, were they in play there?
Yeah. So Trump won some States that, a blue wall, there was supposed to be a blue wall in the Michigan and Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, you know, that middle section of the state, that Trump won those States. So, so Clinton did do well there, but not nearly though, Pap, to the numbers of what Biden is. I mean, some of these numbers, in Michigan Biden has an eight point lead. Minnesota, a seven point lead. Trump has a narrow lead in Ohio. Biden has a six point lead in, in Wisconsin, much larger than Clinton was ever able to get.
Okay. So, so these people who went to bed during the, during the Clinton Trump race and woke up and said, oh my God, what just happened?
They're, that's likely to be the, that's less likely to be the scenario here.
It is, for a number of reasons. You know, it all, it always, it hinges on who turns out, right? Many Republicans and conservatives and Trump folks are just swearing that the numbers in Michigan are wrong. The numbers in Ohio and Pennsylvania are wrong.
Based on what, based on what? How do they.
Internal polling.
And also they, the Trump folks keep pointing to the boat rallies, the truck rallies, the crowds that show up at his rallies.
Well, talk about that a little bit. They are pretty spectacular and you go, but does that really mean anything this late in the game? Don't you?
Yeah, he really is running out of time. I mean, the fact of the matter is Trump has run a terrible campaign. Trump has been stuck at 40, 42%. That's what got him elected. He has not expanded that base at all and that goes against all the conventional wisdom of politics. You have to grow your base. You have to go beyond those, those folks who love Trump and the evangelical base, but he has lost with seniors. He's lost with those, you know, suburban women and all so many different groups.
Is there any truth to the fact that he's also losing with elderly kind of voters? I mean, you hear two sides of that argument.
Yeah. There, there, there is a great deal, again, you're, you're trusting the polling.

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