Joe Biden says Donald Trump 'waved the white flag' over virus as he targets Florida | US Elections

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Published on 30 Oct 2020, 7:20
Joe Biden is campaigning in Florida, aiming to deny President Donald Trump a win in a state that is pivotal to his re-election hopes.

The Democratic presidential candidate appeared in Broward County at the first of two drive-in rallies. Mr Biden scheduled the second drive-in rally in Tampa.

Both areas are key to his chances - Broward is the bluest county in the state, home to a sizeable population of Black voters, and Tampa is the largest city in the traditional bellwether Florida county of Hillsborough.

Florida is a perennially close state -- it went for Trump by a little more than a percentage point in 2016, and this year, Democrats are making an aggressive play to win back the state’s 29 electoral votes.

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