Trump to continue tough China policy; Thousands of ballots missing in PA; Trump, Biden's final push

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Published on 31 Oct 2020, 0:06
NTD Evening News- 10/30/2020
01:19 Trump Holds Rallies in 3 Midwestern States
03:28 Trump Floats WH Venue for Election Night
04:26 Fox Host Has Questions About Once-Lost USB
05:55 Peter Navarro: CCP's Influence on the US
08:20 Analysis of 33.1% GDP Growth in Q3
11:27 Upward Trend in Hispanic Support for Trump
14:05 Thousands of Mail-In Ballots Missing in PA
15:12 PA Voters Discuss Economy, Energy
18:35 A Closer Look at GA's Swing District
21:33 Californians Voice Concern Over Socialism
24:03 Santa Clara to Open Early In-Person Voting
25:40 'Israel' as Place of Birth in US Passport
26:19 Daylight Saving 2020 Debate
27:33 US Decoupling From China, China in Denial
29:15 CCP Official's Luxury Mansion Revealed
30:48 China: Man Arrested for Visiting Wikipedia
32:37 Taiwan's Harder Stance on Chinese Sand Dredgers
35:14 Trump's Famous S-76 Helicopter Is for Sale
36:27 Consumer Spending, Personal Income Climb
37:14 NYC Book Lovers Rally for Strand Bookstore
40:35 France Mourns Victims of Knife Attack
42:24 Aegean Sea Earthquake: Deaths in Turkey
43:04 Spain Seals Regional Borders
43:38 Study: UK Eat out Scheme Spread Infections
44:16 UK Labour Suspends Ex-Leader Corbyn
45:22 Russians Commemorate Stalin Victims
46:24 Diamonds Made Entirely From the Sky
47:24 Political Cookies Predict Election Outcome

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