In Legal Terms: Election Day 2020

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Published on 3 Nov 2020, 22:58
Election Day!

MS Elections Answerline: 1-800-829-6786MS Elections Fraud Hotline:

To see a sample ballot for your street address, go to This will take you to the MS Sec of State’s website. Scroll down to Poling place locator. Type in your address. Your address should pop up, along with your poling place, and your Circuit Clerk’s name and phone number. Below that is what is on YOUR ballot. Everyone will vote for President and Senator. Your ballot will be different from MY ballot in that You’ll have your US representative, election commissioner and your supreme court justice races listed. Medical marijuana Flag ChangeChange to statewide election of officialsPrevious show with Hinds County Election Commissions Chair

The polls close at 7pm tonight. If you are in line, stay in line so you can vote. If you make a mistake on your ballot ask for a new one. If the machines are down at your polling pace, ask for a paper ballot. There’s an election protection hotline: 1-866-OUR VOTE if you have questions about your rights or trouble voting. 

Text polls 30330 to find out where to vote. 

No one may refuse a person the right to vote if that person is legally entitled to vote. _No voter shall be threatened, intimidated, or paid to vote by any person.Voters whose names do not appear on the poll book or who do not have an acceptable form of photo ID are entitled to vote by affidavit ballot. You will then have 5 business days after election day to present a photo id at the Circuit clerk’s office. 

Voters who require assistance in marking the ballot because of disability, blindness, or an inability to read or write are entitled to receive assistance from a person of the voter’s choice, excluding, a candidate whose name is on the ballot, or a poll watcher who is observing in the polling place on Election Day. 

Rules prevent people from wearing campaign-related clothes or caps into the polling place. And people campaigning for a person or issue on the ballot must remain 150 feet from the polling place. Sec of State Watson said this rule applies only to signage or clothing pertaining to “anything that’s on the ballot,” but would not prohibit other messaging not directly up for a vote. So any candidate-specific gear like MAGA or Biden hats are prohibited, but generic “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts are permitted.

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